The Birth Of My Son, King

Bundle of Pure JOY
Bundle of Pure JOY

Born on the eve of January 31, 2011 my healthy baby boy arrive kicking and screaming. Rocky but joyous, my youngest child’s birth could have gone, I now know, a whole lot different. If only I had followed my given instinct vs. what is expected of me by others. When we are in the care of doctor’s, nurses and so-on, without even second thinking it, we assume their word is golden. Through the gift of knowledge, I now know that even the ones who are put in a position over others lives can have ill-intentions.

Ignorance is the number one enemy. Period. It will keep you hidden, in the dark and utterly unaware of everything and anything that is going on around you. It can, and will control your every thought as well as move, if you chose to allow it.

An unintended c-section was preformed, my first after two normal (yet drug-induced) vaginal births. Not to say that it was particularly one persons “fault”, it was however mine because only I could have made things go differently, if only I had thought back to my roots, to the billion, trillion, how ever many of my ancestors before me whom did what Nature had intended on them to do. Naturally. Without all the widgets and gadgets that we seem to be so co-dependent on today. All was provided to them then, alone with the knowledge of the women elders and their experience in assisting.

I have three children. Two boys, One girl. I had my eldest daughter when I was 19. My son when I was 22 and my youngest when I was 25. I was ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that besides the countless read “mother-to-be” magazines and books I had read sitting in prenatal visits, I still had not grasped, fully, the intentions of nature had for me. Despite the urges of older women and the “health conscience” to avoid the pain meds,  I had still chosen to take the “pain-free” route, opting for epidurals and other unnecessary “drips” through the IV, such as Pitocin. ESPECIALLY, me being a woman of color. These chemicals are ever so dangerous to us, even if it does not create instant, noticeable effects which the manufactures point out. The number of women who have c-sections, which are “safe” in the procedure which they preform, could possibly not have to be considered the first resort.

Even though I don’t currently have scientific evidence to prove this fact, I do believe that if I was not continuously receiving pain medication through an epidural or IV that a C-Section could have been avoided, thus allowing me to successfully have a vaginal birth. Not only that, but the fact that it is important to not just educate ourselves on the step-by-step process of pregnancy, labor and delivery, but to also teach themselves the importance of mental and emotional health during pregnancy, understanding the various hormones and the effects on our bodies, moods and baby development and also a better grasp on the concept of delivery and how there is more preparation for it than packing a hospital bag.

No time for regrets now. Time for change and spreading any positive feedback back onto others in hopes that maybe someone else will take a look at things for themselves, do their own digging and researching, and take in consideration all sides of a situation before making their own conscience decision.

My sweets and honey, King, a few days old.
My sweets and honey, King, a few days old.

One thought on “The Birth Of My Son, King

  1. Awwwe… Well u know now love. Unfortunately u had to go through this experience to know.. Thanks for Sharing!

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