February: 28 days of HIS-tory


MLK quoteAn “Americanized” version of Black History is highlighted within the month of February. I refer to it as “Americanized” because February is the one time of year were many have to put aside their “differences” and actually give credit to the few “culturally accepted” African Americans who have made a change in this… well country.

When I say “give credit to the FEW accepted” people of color, that is exactly what I mean. The ones whom white America has chosen to allow our educational systems to “talk” about, yet not really saying too much, nor getting to deep. Just giving enough to pass the bill.
Not that I am downing the progress this country has made, in regards to acceptance and tolerance. Monumental in itself to even have a months time (though the shortest, ironically) to give recognition to any person of African descent, especially when there was a time, not long ago in this very free country, when people of color weren’t even considered a whole person. On paper, they were 3/4 of a being, when even given that much due.
American society was built on the foundation of one “race” being that of superior to another. An idea that it was OK for individuals to ravish a land which was already inhibited and populated by a whole society of native people (there were more Native Americans in North America than in Europe during  the arrival of the first European explorers).

I guess the current state of our nation should not come as that much of a surprise, particularly those of color. Should African Americans be so consumed with focusing on being recognized by those who first oppressed us in the beginning? Or should the spot light be turned to the state of our OWN people’s well-being at this present moment in time? The condition of these public schools which our children spend the majority of their days in, learning what others have decided to teach them. Or the state of our health, which is an entire situation, issue and epidemic in itself. Blacks, in general across the board suffer highest death rates for strokes, high-blood pressure, heart attack and disease,  multiple mental illness, obesity and countless more. Families separated and in shambles. Children no longer having a child hood. The countless  police killings of innocent black males and females. Stereotyping and racial profiling on a daily basis.

I am pushing and praying for the day when we wake up and take back our own lives. I tip my hat off to those whom have already taken a step in that direction. Those who don’t sit back and just accept what is given to them, but instead take control of their lives as well as their families.

I, personally, have chosen to take black His-tory in my own hands and bring it into my home. No longer will I sit around and allow others to dictate what beneficial knowledge my children need to be taught in order for them to grow into productive and successful adults one day. They will know where they come from in hopes that it will shape where they go in the future. After witnessing the way the school system fails our children time and time again, I will not leave my child’s future solely in their hands. I encourage others to do the same.  Learning begins in the household first.


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