Why {do we} close our eyes to Pray?

My children never cease to amaze me. As I know many other parents would say the same!

My 8 year old daughter, who might I add is what I like to call a “2000 baby”, is truly brilliant. And not just because she is book smart nor formally educated at some institution, but because she is young and naive to the world, she and other children are able to see things the way they are, in there natural, raw state.

Let me start by explaining why I call her, and all the other young children “2000 babies.” The children nowadays are of another breed; the 2000’s breed. Those born since 2000 and on are truly different from children born say 1900’s and on. When we think of the 1900’s, we think that is such a long, long time ago, but in reality, it was just a generation away.

The children born of today have such a different way of thinking, acting, behaving and I guess that could all be accredited to the advancement of the world. Children now come out the womb eyes wide open, walking, talking and working i-phones. They teach us stuff we never thought of.

This one in particular took the cake so far, and spark such a Light inside me that all i could do was hug them and thank God for placing them in my life, regardless of the obstacles I have had to overcome.


We were at a family barbecue and it was time to all gather together and bless the food. Once we said our amen, my daughter asks out of nowhere, “Why do we close our eyes to Pray?” Simple enough question for anyone but I just felt not many beings have taken the time to think of this thought. Then to make matters, well sweeter, her little brother chimes in with a “Yeah, everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes. Why mommy?”

In the moment, because I was fixing their plates to eat and helping guests, I was unable to fully offer a true kind of explanation to their curiosities. All I could say was “oh sweety, because they are speaking to God,” which only left them more puzzled and asking more “Why’s.”

Today, following my own personal prayer, I write to the world.To know God is to know and recognize Him within you. To recognize that He is of you and that you are a physical manifestation of His glory.

So it is only right to close our eyes in prayer. It is a natural instinct. With eyes closed, we are able to look within ourselves and speak to the Divine One, because He is alive within us. Looking anywhere else would not seem right. It would be as if we are speaking into the empty air.

I thank my children for asking me questions such as these because it allows me to not forget the true meaning of, well, Life. It forces me to shed the pre-programmed, generational false way of thinking that I have developed as a result of living a life of 28 years (which 24 of them spent not knowing nor walking with God)  and adopt a pure, natural way of thinking, as the children do.



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