Store Brands Use LESS Dangerous Ingredients VS. Top Named Brands

Through my own personal quests to find safe, nutritious food for me and my family, reading the labels naturally became second nature to me.

Starting from a young age, I would sit at the kitchen table with my sister, reading the back of cereal boxes, while we did the various puzzles and riddles. The funny names and unheard of components that went into making my favorite boxed foods, which every adult in my family seemed unable to pronounce, intrigued me.

Now, in adulthood, I can take that once past time and turn it into a life journey, to feed my family better and encourage others to do the same. I understand more fully that the things I eat and feed those that I love impacts our health and well-being in every way. My stomach turns into knots when I think of the food industries mechanical tactics which go into creating our pre-packaged fast foods and how I believe wholeheartedly that there is no coincidence that the “food industry is linked to the drug administration.”

I do understand that this issue goes deeper than one can possible cover in a single essay. So I will just stick to the basics, to what I see, now, as I read and do my own personal research.

I have grown very fond of eating more natural (not necessary just “organic this and tofu that”) but more so, foods which I can find in my own kitchen, put the various ingredients together, cook them in there intended fashion, then sit down to simply enjoy with those I love.  Basically, food should not contain an ingredient list; the only list should be the recipe

In this current fast-paced world, where there is minimal luxury of having someone in-home to cook homemade meals 3 times a day, we figure making our foods quickly to keep up with us, is the convenient way to go. Ha. What a foolish thought. Even now I find my hands, Google-ing, typing in the words “BHT” as I flip over the box of my daughters favorite cereal that she is currently eating. (By the way BHT stands for Butylated hydroxytoluene! Now I am are looking up this excessive name as well, which is a chemical compound found in at least 75% of the foods I have in my home.) There are countless others which could be included but the list would just go and go. Maybe I will save that for a future, more in depth post.

We, as the human species, have not dwell upon the Earth for some odd Billion years, depending on manufactured substitute food created in a cold experimental laboratory. In fact, it wasn’t until the rise of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, which introduced the use of coal, giving rise to modern machinery, did individual eating styles change according to location, access to specific goods and economic status. That has been relatively within our generation, having been during a time our great great-grandparents raised their families. When heart disease, diabetes, cancers and many other health issues which plague us today, were not as relevant. These dis-eases and others have given the drug administration reason to “create cures” for problems which they may have caused, making them wealthy on both ends.

Even though there is a need for a Food and Drug Administration for the general safety of people, I am and will always remain a skeptic.



From reading labels came the gift of memorizing, recognizing that some of our favorite, big name brands actually use  far more of these chemical compounds within their foods vs. when I would compare them to there identical, store brand counter partner. I used common sense when coming to this revelation. Of course, using more, costs more. If you are creating a lesser priced store brand, it would only seem right to use less ingredients to cut the cost. This is an advantage for us consumers.

Take the challenge. Next time you go shopping, take a national name brand product and compare it to the in-store brand. Of course, I haven’t been able to check EVERY single product so more research would be needed to accurately prove this point. Nonetheless, this subject has opened me to a whole new world of studying which I hope to be able to explore more in depth in the near future.

These were just a few items I had in home. NOT AN ATTACK ON ANY BRAND, which is why labels were covered to best of my ability. However, these were some examples of products which consumers should take a second look at.
These were just a few items I had in home. NOT AN ATTACK ON ANY BRAND, which is why labels were covered to best of my ability. However, these were just a few examples of products which consumers should begin to take a second look at.

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