Ecclesiastes 3:13

On  this Sunday morning, I feel more than inspired, more than called to share in the goodness of our Creator. Whatever you elect to call Him, there is no denying his greatness upon our lives. Rather you choose to accept it of not, strictly your choice, He is ever-present, ever-knowing and ever-seeing. No soul can escape it’s Creator. All shall be held accountable in one way or another.


As guidance and comfort to the human. while he is in flesh on earth, is His given Spirit and his heavenly beings which do his will, whatever you may choose to call them. 

Every soul is equipped with a gift. Rather you use this gift of art, writing, song, dance, speaking, teaching for good or bad, is truly one’s choice. In the end, each one is held accountable for one’s chosen path. 

For those who do His good, is greatness beyond one’s limited understanding. Because the flesh is covered with a veil, it is not able to see this, what is True, what is beyond human sight. The soul has to seek that, which calls from within. The picture which we are giving is what’s made visible before our eyes; what a great illusion that is. 

Love one another, your spouse, your children, your families. Giving thanks for what is provided to you. Thinking of others which don’t live in the same comfort.

Life in the flesh is short. 

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