Slow and Steady

beach crab

I  have been going back and forth with myself, trying to figure out which direction to take my work and what meaning I want my voice to have? What exactly do I want to get across to others when I am writing something for them to read? Where do I take my stance in the community? The world? Where do I draw the line? What impression do I want to leave on an individual?

So many questions come to my mind when I think of what is my purpose? Not just in life but more so in the words that I choose to speak and write?

While I search to find my own answers, I enjoy seeing what others have chosen to do with their talents and individual voices. The beautiful creations that they have poured heart and soul into, yet comes out so effortlessly like second nature.

It is so cool to find other artists work, their vision coming to life on page. It is inspirational and motivational, giving me a push in that direction I am called in.

This is thanks to the others, who have listened and executed flawlessly; creating a way for the next to follow.  

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