A letter for Lesley McSpadden

My prayers and thoughts are with the people, as a whole, in the town of Ferguson, MO and all the other cities around the U.S which have been effected by similar actions in the same ways.

But more importantly, my heart ACHES for Mike Brown mother, Lesley McSpadden, who after 11 or so days, has yet to be able to properly bury her son and mourn his passing, in peace and quiet the way a mother is supposed to do.

I can not speak for Ms. McSpadden, personally, nor do I know her, but as a mother myself, tears form in the wells of my eyes, feeling the deepness of this woman’s pain, and other mother’s who have their children snatched from their arms. Her grief, her torment; the constant visual reminder she has to live with day by day, of her young son dead in cold blood.

Not only has she lost a child, but she is continuously reminded of it at every turn she makes, with every step she takes, and possibly will be, for many more years to come. She has to listen to the accusations, hate, slander, thrown this way and that way from all sides of the field; from people who know nothing and think they know everything.

I am so sorry.

Mike Brown has not had a formal memorial yet, which is deeply saddening. I do not know Ms. McSpadden personally, but I feel your hurt. Your pain. Your rage. Your tiredness. Your restlessness. Your sleepless night’s. Your desire to find some peace, even though in this reality, you will never get that. The pain she must feel to not even be able to properly bury her son in a timely fashion, almost two weeks later, is deeply troubling.

My prayers are forever with you, Lesley McSpadden, and all the mothers and families which have to bury their children early and never find peace with it.

May God touch you in someway and bless you, that you may find some rest, and comfort of mind.

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