Meditation For The “Regular” People

The Goal Is To Look Deep Within, Where All Truths Lay Hidden.
The Goal Is To Look Deep Within, Where All Truths Lay Hidden.


Personally, I am a big advocate for meditation and all the benefits it brings. Yet even myself, being the big enthusiast that I am, I have found it quite challenging to achieve the “crossed-legged, straight back, chin-lock, utter silence for hours state” that most of us are accustomed to seeing from others in different nations around the globe.
The harmonious being who is clearly un-phased by any thought or action which is happening within the outside world. Who seems to have nothing going on in their inside world. Their face is so relaxed and steady, that they give the illusion of being asleep versus just being in a deep mindful state. In my small world particular, this thought of meditation is just that; a fleeting thought.

I know many who go to imitate that seated pose, with straight backs and heavy heads, barely managing to close the eyes, only to be bombarded with the thoughts that continuously float around inside our dome. Within a few moments, we have opened the eyes and already thinking of “What should I cook for dinner tonight? Did I ever text mom back? I am so hungry!”

This leads me to believe, maintaining this “image” in the mind of the well-tamed monk, can only lead to intimidation as well as be detrimental to any form of one’s meditative spiritual growth. This, in the end will turn even the eagerest of souls away from reaching their Most High. It can keep one from even trying to begin.

So I felt the need to get back to simple basics and work on the foundation of practicing meditation.


Focusing all on the center of the breathe. When the mind drifts, bring the focus back onto breaths center.

Inhale. Exhale.

This photo represents a great way to keep the mind centered on breath. Maintaining the steady flow of inhales, grabbing hold, and exhales, letting go. Helping to keep the mind on a steady flow with the hearts beat. Getting back to the basics and not trying to bash thyself over the brain, upon failed attempts at mastering another’s technique. Instead master thy own style. Use others as a mere blueprint in which you build upon.

Also remembering to not only be focused in that one very moment, then when time is up, go about the same way as before. But maintain a meditative state of mind thought throughout the entire day. In everything that one does. The benefits will be much greater in this way.

Breathe. The Spirit of Life.


3 thoughts on “Meditation For The “Regular” People

  1. Thank you for this post. I have been meditating for more than two years and always worried why I couldn’t get it. Though, my day is better following meditation, I still have those lingering thoughts that I was doing it all wrong. Perhaps so, but you opened my space up today and I receive the message that it is better to continue the journey than worry about reaching a destination.

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