Rethinking the Black Queen

True words from a true sistar. Defining a QUEEN!


At least twice a day, if not more, I come across an article or picture that promotes the idea of the “Black Queen.” Now, this is usually from one of my fellow African American women friends and because of this I really feel that while I cannot make grandiose statements about the masses of black women that post these things, I can make certain opinions about this “movement.” As a disclaimer, I do understand the history and culture that was destroyed and is still being repaired in relation to black women and the United States. However, while trying to repair, we must be careful to not cut corners and we must keep ourselves accountable.

Now, being an African American woman, I supposedly should be in full support of this movement. However, for some reason I cannot get myself to really fully call myself a “BLACK” queen. This is not because…

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