The pH Of Life

 “Acid is pain. Alkaline turns off pain.”- Gary Null

Showing the pH of foods from acidic to alkaline.
Showing the pH of foods from acidic to alkaline.

It seems the entire health nation around has begun to wake-up to the wonderful world of chemistry. Yes chemistry; that class most of us slept through in high school, if not had skipped all together! Well now that we have gotten older, it has been brought out into the forefront and the basics of chemistry has become the blueprint in shifting our individual eating patterns from unhealthy to that which is healthy, as nature intended.

We can first start with refreshing our memories, or lack thereof on the meaning of pH and how it is technically defined, how it relates to the foods we eat and its responsibility to create the healthy cells in our bodies.

pH, “power of hydrogen”, is a logarithmic measure of hydrogen ion concentration in moles per liter of bodily fluid solution such as saliva, urine, blood and secretions. The pH scale was created by a Danish biochemist who thought that it would be easier to write the equation on a scale of 2 to 13. The hydrogen ion concentration in pure water around room temperature is about 1.0*10-7 M. This would appear as a 7 on the scale and is of a neutral base. Increasing the concentration of positive hydrogen ions above 7 leaves the solution acidic, whereas if the concentration is decreased of negative hydrogen ions, the solution is considered alkaline.

Foods For Thought
Some Foods For Thought

With that being said, what does all that have to do with the foods we eat and their various reactions on the body? We could begin with the basics. Every piece of food, rather it be man-made or nature created, carries its own pH which has a direct impact on the body when it is consumed and absorbed into the bloodstream and discarded through the urine. Naturally, if one is consuming a high mass of acidic foods, to include yet not limited to meats, sugars and yeast, which is present in all processed and overcooked foods, the pH of body fluids would be nothing but acidic. This creates an inner environment ideal for the over-growth of mutated cells which will present themselves on various organs in cancerous forms. Not only that but also causes multiple dis-eases and illness throughout the body in forms of high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancers and countless others.

Now we take that same scenario of only consuming foods with a higher acidic concentration, and replace it with foods that are alkaline in nature, which are full of positively charged hydrogen ions. Vegetables, fruits and ancient grains, which naturally contain the high number of minerals such as copper, magnesium, selenium, thiamine, iron, calcium and many more, are considered to be cell repairers; because of the various regenerative, soothing and healing properties they carry. When dealing with sickness, illness and dis-eases, bacteria’s and viruses, dangerous free radicals which attach themselves to healthy cells, they are unable to manifest themselves within the alkaline flora of the body. They are starved and in return, ultimately die off.

Looking at the above pictured chart, it is easy to recognize that “man-made” factory foods with additives, flavors, refined sugars and processed ingredients create the perfect acidic environment inside the body for illness to thrive. Ditch the Junk!

As with everything in life, balance is the key. There are some acidic naturally foods, which eaten in moderation can still give the body the nourishment which it provides with out overpowering the body with acid. They are good in moderation and will provide more good than cause harm.

Now that we have spoken deeply about nutrition,  we must not neglect the physical health which goes hand in hand. A great way to do just that is to begin to incorporate some type of aerobics, cardio workout, yoga, pilates, stretching and/or even Tai Chi which all target specific muscles and areas of the body, mind and systems. This can be said the same for the mind, with the practice of meditation or other forms of concentration and prayer. The same would go for the body, eating a variety of natural foods. All these together ensures a dynamic balance within the body that will ensure a life full of energy, growth and wellness.






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