Black Girls Yoga: Journey On


“Cheers. To our dear friend, the enemy.”  -Chinese Proverb

What one meant for as harm, is in return, received, as a gift. One throws daggers while flowers are being caught by the receiver. An enemy makes one stronger. Determined. Focused. Alert. Aware. Just as a wild animal would be if he were being stalked as prey. His senses more sharpen. Heart rate rises. Stance becomes taller. Thinking gets clearer. Vision brighter. As bodily systems kick into fight-or-flight mode, all to survive.

This is how challenges. Barriers. Obstacles. And set-backs should be viewed. As an enemy. One which requires every bit of force just to escape from. Add in the elements of patience. Determination. Perseverance. And drive to live. You got yourself a recipe for survival.

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