Dont forget to BREATHE

Genesis2:7“And the Lord God formed [man] of the dust of the ground, and breathed into [his] nostrils the breath of life; and [man] became a living being.”

     This day in age, we are lazy about every single thing we do. You name it, we humans will find the easiest and quickest way to accomplish it. Even something as natural and as spontaneous as the act of breathing. An action which our bodies do, involuntarily, with the direction of our subconscious. We are taking a breath no matter what we are doing or thinking at any point in time. This, being nature’s given way of keeping us alive. Without it, there is no doubt life would not even exist.

 But, are we breathing deeply enough to support a healthy body and even more so, are we even breathing correctly? We must first look at the art of breathing itself and what actually occurs once we draw in that breathe of fresh air through the nostrils. Air travels down the windpipe, through bronchial tubes, filling the lungs and expanding them to their fullest potential; if one is breathing in deeply that is. Little, tiny finger-like microscopic cilia line the inside of the lungs, waiting there to seek and destroy any invading foreign particle which may cause harm to the respiratory and its supporting systems. Tiny air sacs within the lung, sends oxygen into the bloodstream. With an exhaling breath, things move in reverse. The diaphragm is raised up, allowing air to be released from the lungs. Carbon dioxide absorbed through the capillaries from the bloodstream, is then expelled from the body.

Let’s back this lesson up a bit. To the previous notion that if one draws in a full deep and filling breath of fresh air, the lungs in return are then filled to their greatest capacity. Anyone can attest to that pleasurable feeling of relief with that deep breath in and then exhaling, letting it all out. With this one breath, the entire body systems are flooded with oxygen rich red blood cells which nourishes the entire body and the cells of the body, are flushed out clean and able to rebuild themselves stronger and more fruitful than before. If you have a basic understanding of cells and how they are the building blocks of life, then you will know just how important fresh oxygen would be for the cells in the body and the systems which they form.


      As I personally dig deeper into health, fitness and the mechanics body functions as well the specific operation of cells which form all living organisms upon Earth, I have learned all things work together.

    There are three things, beyond the notion of only food, that the body absolutely cannot function properly nor live without. Fresh air, water and sunlight. These are the elements of Earth which sustains life. In fact, when thinking of food as being the sustainer of life, this is FALSE. For we can truly live on limited to none food for up to long periods of time. Yet, without a breath of air, the brain begins to go dead due to the lack of oxygen within minutes. Diseases, illnesses, bacteria and virus are able to replicate themselves and thrive within an oxygen deprived environment. This is their native home, which explains the dominance of sickness within this nation of people. No one is breathing, therefore so many are sick. The environment inside the body is giving these organisms a place to live, inside of ourselves.

These are a few notes from “The Radiance Sutras:  112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder & Delight” By Lorin Roche, PhD, in regards to the art of breathing.

“The way of experience begins with a breath,

Such as the breath you are breathing now.”

“Exhaling, breath is released and flows out.

There is a pulse as it turns to flow in.

In that turn, you are empty.

Enter that emptiness as the source of all life.

Inhaling, breath flows in, filling, nourishing.

Just as it turns to flow out,

There is a flash of pure joy-

Life is renewed. “

And written again:

“The inhalation, the return movement of breath,

Sustains life.

The outgoing breath

Purifies life. “

To one who digs deeper, it is clearly seen within these words, how the observer in this piece is describing breathing; as an action.  Each line paints such a defining picture for the reader. The writer goes on to discuss breathing as a way to connect with life that lies within the body, dissolving pain caused from the outer world.

 It is time to breath. Deeply. Fully. Time to put our thoughts on breathing. In. Out. Led only by the flow of breath, as the body replenishes itself, releasing detrimental elements, and strengthening the mind.




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