Shopping Day Basics


Grocery Shopping. Ugh.

It can truly be a pain at times. The success of a mandatory shopping trip depends greatly upon the alignment of a few key elements:

  1. Hunger must be satisfied before stepping foot into a store, in order to keep those urges and temptations at bay.
  2. Clear intentions and direction on what is needed from the particular trip must be established first, to avoid having to double back.
  3. Shopping alone, if possible, avoids outside influences on unnecessary and impulse purchases (especially from kids and spouses)
  4. Finally a good mood before hand, to better handle unexpected crowds, waits and unwanted surprises.

Each bullet is pretty much self explanatory, as many can relate to each point in their own way. With needs established before hand, a clear mind and feeling cheerfull, you are better able to stick to what you intend to do and avoid walking out of a store with a bunch of cereals, frozen foods and chips. All while forgetting the rice, beans and vegetables you set out for.

We can take this, a step further. We all want to eat cleaner, leaner, less junk, more organic and even vegan. You have all these ideas to try the Vegan Meatballs or that Swiss Chard Lentil soup, yet are overwhelmed with the foreign ingredients which they include. So you take the recipe card for the soup into the store with you, purchase each item individually and separately and are stunned when the total is rung up at the end. Discouraging you from ever wanting any lentil soup again.

So, what do you do?

Let us count the ways:

  1. A list is a good place to start. Clear and cut to the chase.
  2. Basic ingredients which are used frequently to include on this list:
    • Oils: olive, grapeseed, coconut 🙂 , avocado, hempseed and sesame
    • Grains: brown and wild rice, quinoa, spelt, rye and even kamut.  (avoid anything “white” which indicates a processed substance)
    •  Various beans, greens, onions, peppers, avocado, mushrooms, squash, sea vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, berries, basil, thyme, parsley, oregano, and sea salt
  3. While shopping avoiding those center aisle of cardboard boxed, processed dinner helpers and ready-made this or just heat-and-go that.
  4. Weed out the excess sugars and added coloring’s in foods that you would likely grab such as cinnamon roll dough, ice cream, cookies, flavored cereals and candies.


Even more, unless you live in a big city like Manhattan or Los Angeles, there are no organic coffee shops nor convenient vegan food places to get a meal with fresh foods from.  This luxury has not made it into the urban or rural areas. Instead, dollar stores with poisonous concoctions that fill the shelves, are strategically placed on each neighborhood corner. Fat laden, deep smothered cholesterol “combos” and items which do not burn when set on fire and cheese which does not melt due to the heavy presence of many chemicals, are at every turn. Adding into the chaos of shopping.

Finally, I leave you all with this. Grocery shopping and cooking meals with ingredients at home is totally cheaper than eating out each time your stomach growls, on any given day. As well as self-fulfilling and nourishing. Taking initiative to make each and every visit count, is the key to grocery shopping success.


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