Creating a Quick, Long Lasting Success Routine

noteThe things you do, from day-to-day become your routine. This routine will either bring you troubles in life or nothing but Success!!

To begin, write each of the following key points on individual index cards or pieces of paper. On the front, include each bullet point that is listed. On the back of the card, write out your own interpretation of  it’s meaning and how you will begin to implement each factor into your everyday life. This makes it easy to keep these cards in a visible place which is accessible to you, day-to-day. Seeing your intentions over and over will help drill the concepts into your head.

1. By nature, we are creatures of habit. Time to get rid of those bad, hindering habits which keep you in a repeating whirlwind and develop fresh, innovative ones which sets you in the position for nothing but greatness. Pick a time of day, which works well for you in this current stage of your life. Most of us being employed by corporations, will have to schedule time which is convenient between work and family. Don’t get frustrated, that is the overall purpose. To develop habits for yourself, which enhances your mood, looks, feel, thoughts, well-being, spirit and overall self. Rather it be inspirational reading, meditation, gardening, writing, photography, yoga and pilates, sitting quietly, sightseeing, feeding the ducks, whatever. During this time, do only that which satisfies you as a person on the inside and elevates you higher. Repeat on a daily.

2. Do successful things every day. You have begun to create new habits in your life, which will give a feeling of success within you. This is the objective. To first feel it within, leaving you more open to walk into that success you seek. Take risks within your career that will advance you to a higher position. Or take a leap of faith on the business which you always wanted to start.  Register for that course which will further your personal skill. Or make plans to visit somewhere you never thought you would go.  All these set you in the hot seat of success, right where you want to be.

3. Doing high value tasks daily that build a lasting foundation. Seek out higher understanding of laws and concepts of life from study, deep thought, reading and reflection, and again meditation. Start living in what you learn every day. The new daily self-care regiment that has now become a habit, is the foundation which you will continue to build upon. Advancing in career, life choices and education will come more fluidly. The feeling of stagnation will be no more. Anything you choose to do will come much easier. You will be able to set a target and conquer it.

By the time you have sat and opened yourself up to that which you seek to find, you will see that you have so many ideas inside you, just waiting to come into action. Stick to the routine you have created, and you are bound for success.

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