Water Gallon Challenge

water challenge
Find an empty gallon jug. Grab a sharpie and get to it. This is an excellent example of how to motivate and remind the self of how much water intake we need daily. 

Seems each month brings about a new set of challenges.

Rather it be yoga centered, which is my personal favorite, where there are daily asana goals to meet or a type of eating clean or fasting challenge; everyone is into doing something different that pushes them past the normal limits which they set for themselves and into a zone they never have been into before.

Even though many start off like a temporary dare, the overall mindset that one should have is to turn that action into a permanent long-lasting habit.

Here we have, a gallon water jug, where one has cleverly written on with a sharpie, a crafty way to remind the self, from the homeplace to the workplace, no matter the time of the day, to drink a certain amount of ounces each hour, totaling a gallon worth of water by the end of a day. Reminding one to drink from the time they rise until laying down at the end of the day.

It is no secret that the human body is made up of over 75% water. So it would only make sense that the body be consistently replenished of the natural fluids which our lost throughout the day. We have all heard about drinking however many 8-ounce glasses for the day. Realistically, it is a task to keep count of the number of individual full glasses drunk for the day.

So let’s all get those gallon jugs, even if you go buy a fresh one. Take that sharpie and follow the layout from the picture above.

I can almost guarantee, that the person who see’s you with your gallon jug, will inquire out of curiosity what the jug is all about. This is you time to educate someone new and get them on board as well.

Spread the water love!

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