Let the REAL Purge Begin: Removing Toxicity from Your Life!

danger1The word purge has been popularized over the past couple of years, with its reference to the newly widespread released movie series. It is the idea of ridding oneself and the world of the evils which plague us all. This same concept of expulsion, can be carried over into our day to day functions and interactions which we encounter in all corners of life. Purging the toxicity which reeks-havoc in our lives will consequently leave you with the overwhelming feeling of relief, giving you confidence, clear thoughts and a peaceful mind.

I get deeper into this concept in my self-published work “Black Girl Magick”, which emphasizes the importance of seeking solitude in order to cultivate that higher level of power which lies dormant within us all. Especially for women of culture who have been traumatized, battered and bruised in their past and still can feel the crimpling effects of it today. It is essential for them, in particular, to gain a strong anchoring, to the Earth which in return will ground them and heal them past the ever present hurt.

So what is it that is considered “toxic’ to the natural well-being of our mind, bodies and souls?

Anything which does not bring pleasure, clarity, comfort, peace and security to one’s life, is subsequently, toxic and should be treated as such. We must begin to look at all the areas in our lives which ultimately come into play when analyzing the dangers that we must remove before they begin to spread within us, like a deadly illness and disease.

To begin, if I were to take this subject matter of this writing, toxic lifestyles, and chart each area of focus on a pie chart, the biggest chunk of the pie BY FAR would have to be work and career, with personal relationships coming in a close second. I can almost bet my last dollar that the number one element in life which we all feel the less connected and fulfilled within, is a 9to5 servitude jobs.  Being obligated day in and out to conform thyself, follow strict rigid schedules and leaving little to no time for the cultivation of the higher self. We spend most of our waking hours within a work place or environment, operating on someone else schedule and time, expelling our own physical and mental energy. The fact of the matter is that the majority wake in the morning with a deadline to be somewhere by a specific time and perform tedious duties for a timed number of hours, in exchange for a fraction of a pay rate, all for the benefit of executive individuals whom you have no knowledge of.

So what is one to do when survival is a must? Where does one begin to change this negative factor into a positive one, since generating some form of monetary currency into our lives is essential to living and meeting our needs on this physical plane? This is what stumps many, including myself at one point in time, leaving them stuck staring at a blank wall with no idea to get around it.  Subsequently sending us round and around as if chasing our own tails.

Why is this? How did we fall into a shallow excuse of a life? Easy. The vast majority of people are not using the natural born skills which they already possess on the inside to create the in-come of goods and services they need to survive. Not to mention the art of barter and trade has been virtually lost over the centuries. Thus, leaving most people to use their energy, literally, to get the things they need (or think they need) for the benefit of profits for various entities (corporations) and being compensated for it based on the amount of timed energy (hours) the individual puts in. What a dreadful cycle.

So, what do you do? How do you escape from up under the notion that the only means for a survival is to conform to the expectations that one must “work” extra hard, and long to advance in an imaginary world of status in order to successfully be compensated for your energy to supply our basic need for food, clothing and shelter?

Make a list. Of the immediate things in your life that quite frankly, you can do without! Do it now!

Don’t just stop with naming your toxic job and that relationship/friendship that brings you more grief than pleasure. Include the foods you eat, day to day which are mostly processed and quick meals due to a high demand schedule which takes away from the focus of good nutrition, as well as the chemically infused body products that we cover ourselves with every day. We all have habits. Include them too. The items which you pay for on a daily like that fancy car or high-tech phone and all or the extracurricular activities which we use for our pleasures.

Take this same list, and with each point you make, write the excuse you have for dealing with, using and/or keeping these actions in your life, beside each point. Give your reasoning for not letting go of something which is hindering you more than being a benefit. Re-read this list and its excuses, out loud. Say each point aloud, to yourself. There is something about hearing the truth out loud, and having the words replay over in our minds, that makes us realize just how lame and petty they are.

Be sure that you included all the things which you have attached yourselves to in this life, in every area of life. Are these connections really necessary for your immediate survival and the cultivation of your spirit on this physical plane?

After having done this exercise, based off of your own responses, what have you found for yourself? Are your attachments more parasitic in nature or of a great benefit to your well-being? Are you mimicking the behaviors of a hoarder and just lugging around crap from place to place.  Or are you free from restraints and able to go to that place of being which you desire for yourself?

Detach from situations, circumstances and thought patterns which hinder the way which you seek to live your life fully. Above all. First we must detach. Disconnect from anyone that does not bring joy. Some type of benefit to yourself. Rid your life of the useless junk that you are carrying around day to day. Of the things you stress your mind over and in return making your nervous system work overtime.

Begin to remove all the things that do not serve you higher self. Point blank and end of story. That is what you must do and what you must find the strength to do. It requires a rewiring of the mind and new though patterns in order to step into the different life one seeks for themselves.

Find your passion. That which calls to you that you can do on a daily basis, for a profit that even though you are putting work into it, it is not meaningless energy but something that benefits yourself and another. This is what you must strive to become. Unless being part of a corporate system which tells you when to eat, sleep and breath is what you desire, detaching from all of its workings is the only way you will find any form of peace within.

Let the PURGE begin.

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