“From nothing, anything can be created”


All Rights Reserved 2016


This is a series, in which I hope to create, leading up to the upcoming release of my hand-book, “ On The Come Up: A Black Woman’s Guide to Creating Wealth” by Queen Bee, highlighting simple ways, which if consistently applied, can provide a stream of income, that can easily be transformed into whatever the individual can perceive for themselves.

So here, in the picture is one of my personal first creations (All Rights Reserved 2016) created off the recently popular website, This is a platform which I personally found while conducting my own research into creating business and lucrative wealth for myself. Teespring gives the user the opportunity to create multiple  t-shirts in various cuts, styles and giving ways to personalize using your own images.

Please keep in mind, that there are many factors that go into what I am presenting here in Exhibit A. Selling t-shirts on a platform such as, falls under the umbrella known as Dropshipping. A process in which you, the account holder, is the seller, and the stage in which you are operating on has the stockpile of physical supplies, that they will package and ship to your buyers. This gives the seller the freedom of not having to worry about all the elements which go into producing t-shirts such as graphic design, printing, physical blank shirts and ultimately delivering to the consumer.

As I type this description, I am reminded of the amazement which I feel, thinking of all the advantages this method holds. And the now various companies that are beginning to step into the field of dropshipping and it’s many benefits. This can be profitable for such an individual who already has the intended audience and connection to already interested buyers, giving them the leverage to earn a very lucrative outcome.

As with any venture, there are many aspects in which to consider when making the conscious decision to begin investing time and money into something. Concerns of over head cost and amount of personal money needed to invest is the first deterring thought to enter anyone’s mind. However, with dropshipping, the number one benefit is the “no risk factor” of not having to buy inventory up front. Instead, you “campaign” by getting the word out and advertising the product through various methods, with a timeline of say 30 days. If a certain amount is sold within the allotted time frame, then the manufacturer, honors each purchase and ships the product to the committing  buyers.

This process eliminates having an extensive inventory of product and feeling the pressures of getting it all sold.  Furthermore, there are the dealings and hassles of shipping various items to numerous places. A process many individuals are not familiar with.

I dive deeper into this concept, it’s workings and the many other companies which operates as a fulfillment center, in my hand-book. Also highlighting the number one, top company in which dropshipping can provide well over 5 figure income.

As stated before, with any business venture, being armed with the information on how to attack is just half of the battle. Putting the mind into action is the rest.

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