Frozen Berry Morning ReTreat



Rise and Shine! Or as I like to say, Rise and Grind!!!

From those tender early school years, we are taught to eat a good breakfast in order to start the day. That it is the most important meal and that a body cannot get a good start without a morning fuel up.

Unfortunately, sugar has been taught to be the staple ingredient for the past few decades, due to the misconceptions that this form of sugar is needed for producing energy.  This misteaching has been pumped into the minds of the young as well as the old.

Traditionally, cereals, pancakes, waffles, bagels as well as pastries have been passed down and prepared to be consumed upon awakening from our sleeping state of consciousness. Teaching that it is SUGAR, and not necessarily natural forming sugars found in naturally growing foods, but white compound sugar which is created in a laboratory by man.

It is time to re-wire our thinking and rid ourselves of false teachings! I, myself included, find that the best starting point is to begin each day with what I like to refer as a Blended Breakfast. In which handfuls of fruits and even veggies are thrown in and blended to perfection. It is indeed a very good way to get a full day serving of needed nutrients, first thing in the morning.

What a way to start the day!!!

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