2017: Challenge Yourself


With a New Year brings an opportunity for New Challenges!

Since social media has taken over a mass majority of our lives, we have all been drawn to some form of a challenge here and there. Rather it’s a new dance craze or to drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning for a month straight. We are all looking to see if we are able to push ourselves to that limit that many dare not go into, and beyond. Hoping to find the results that we oh so desire and seek.

Well. It’s now 2017 and we have officially embarked on a journey of self-awareness and re-discovery. In honor of such a movement, also referred to as the Age of Aquarius, why not challenge ourselves to go further, stepping out of that comfort zone and into that unfilled space which we have never gone before. This is the only way to bring about any type of change within our thriving lives. For nothing new can come from doing the same old thing. In fact, doing the same thing, repetitively and expecting a different outcome, is pure insanity.

To begin, think about the set of goals which you have for yourself to reach for as you move throughout this entire year. Look to see if the subject of your goals is nutrition, fitness, financial, spiritual and/or work and business related. And even an amalgamation of all these things. Now with this list and the subject for which you wish to center your working around, think of a way to incorporate some type of repetitive habit for each and every day, in which you will increase upon and build on as the days move along.

To push this concept even further, say you want to increase muscle mass in your arms so you go for push-ups every day. Set to reach this target by starting first thing in the morning with a set of push-ups, increasing them over time. This, will in return create a lasting habit beyond just the 30-day challenge and you will definitely see some results.

How about finances. Like many of us, you may have the goal to save a particular amount of money for the entire year for an upgrade in your home or a vacation for the family. Or even better, you can reach for to save from now until the summer in which you will treat you and your family to a day at the waterpark, no expenses spared. The reward for this alone gives great motivation for one to stick to a plan of say putting away a dollar a day or maybe even doubling that dollar each day. Once you reach that set end goal, you will feel such great joy for completing and being able to freely enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Fitness is probably the most popular of the goals alongside finances. Rather it’s losing weight, starting a yoga practice or going steadily to the gym on a weekly basis. Many have visions of reaching a certain target for their body and way of living. So pick your target and challenge yourself to increase repetitions and length of time practiced each and every day. If you are looking to tone your legs, squat challenges are always fun. Starting with 30, then 35, 40, then 45. Be sure to add in a rest day as your muscles will surely need it.

This same concept can be carried over into the shoulders, stomach, and toning other parts of the body.

The greatest benefit from partaking a challenge, no matter what it may be, is the rewarding feeling that follows once completing. This sensation of having accomplished something builds up inside and before you know it, you are looking for the next thing to conquer. These are the thoughts you will need to carry with you in order to continue accomplishing milestones in your journey.

What a way to get the ball rolling and set the tone for the rest of the year!


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