Lights, Camera, ACTION!!



A call to Freedom

As the Word says, “For what I do not wish to do, I do. And that which I do, I wish not to do.”  We are quick to hesitate in our doings of that which our Soul calls to action. Yet, that which we are naturally meant to do, we fight fully against.

Why is this? Naturally, the question becomes, how do I overcome this deadly cycle of hindrance present in one’s Life? How to remove the blockers alone the path of Self?

This is the quest of humankind. To align the actions of the body with the command of the mind, driven by the Will of the soul.

Since mind is led by one’s Spirit, and the body follows that of the mind, it is safe to say that alignment within each area of one’s being must be in accordance with one another to bring about complete harmony. Only then can we fully act in accordance with the mind, body, and spirit. The true Holy Trinity.

You desire to be free. To come and go as you please, without the restraints of this physical world. Your spirit knows this, the mind is thinking it. Yet your body has not physically moved into it, thus what is desired has not happened.

It is now clear to see where the disconnect in the circuit within us lies. We now can see that it is our minds which cause the electrical misfire in our active lives and keeping thyself from fully reaching that place deeply warranted.

Just like fixing an appliance; once the source of the problem is located, taking it apart and rebuilding can begin. Undoing the current thought patterns which we follow and relearning new ways of doing to bring about new ways of living. Nothing new comes from doing the same old thing. You cannot receive something new while still holding on to old. Can’t go anywhere untraveled, taking the same narrow road.

It is time to stop fighting against the mind and that which it wills. For this fight is the source of all pain and sufferings. It is the cause of you feeling like you are wasting away every precious day. As if you are being held in bondage and kept from moving freely upon the land.

Newsflash!! If you are reading these words now, you are not in bondage! I am 99% sure that you are not in chains, being held in a prison. So therefore, the only bondage you are experiencing, is that which you have place on yourself.

Break those chains on the mind! Stop limiting yourself and life to expectations, limitations, indoctrinations, boundaries, images and any other restraints society places upon you and recondition yourself to be fully in the mind state of whom your spirit desires. Free your mind from its current wave of thoughts and develop a new way of thinking. The body shall naturally follow.

One thought on “Lights, Camera, ACTION!!

  1. All eye can say is… Wow!!!(((👌🏾)))

    This is Great Knowledge and Wisdom… DEEP!!!

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