Self-Sustainability: Where to Begin


To be self-sustainable is to rely on self. Particularly the higher self. This requires a level of faith in who you are and your ability to do. This is something, let’s just say the Western world, surely is not taught. From the beginning days of schooling, we learn the same watered down regurgitated history, repetitive problems and use recycled lesson plans centered on remembering useless information versus learning to analyze and solve.

It is a desire for many, especially in this information age where we are gaining more knowledge, to care for themselves and family, and no longer living at the hands and mercy of an outside entity. To put it plainly, people are getting tired of being spoon fed by the limited resources which the “government” gives them. Like the bread crumbs thrown to the ducks, the people are tired of it and wanting to take back their true freedoms. Breaking all the chains of bondage and seeking to get back to the times of providing for their family, and not by means of slaving for a controlled corporation.

Sadly, from the beginning, the mass majority of beings are born and bread into a system already set in place. {You} being just another intricate component which must be trained-up and then sent to do the job at the end of said training period.

Therefore, the need to teach individuals to be self-sufficient and self-providing is non-void since you are already placed into a “job” the time of birth. The same as being born into captivity or slavery. No need to teach the people of servitude anything which will enhance them as an individual. No. For they are born into a system that is already in place, numbered and trained, to benefit the system as a whole.

What a mind-boggling thought. Yet, it is true.

This subject alone can go on and on in a direction all of itself. For now, we will stick to simply figuring out where to begin re-doing all that has been done, and getting back to the simple Way of life which means we are living out our individual purposes and not that of some other entity, which is outside of ourselves.

A deep longing is there. Yet the step by step instructional guide to “breaking free from the caged life and flying free” is nowhere to be found.

Let’s just start with a few bullet points.

  1. Recognize there is a need and identify how it applies to your current living status. Look at the way in which you are living now and determine how much you must “undo“ within your current lifestyle. Mortgages, car payments, luxury items and daily habits are the main purposes for “working” in the first place. You must begin to re-evaluate your needs and that which must change.
  2. Re-educate and re-learn all that you do not know. Growing food, creating, cooking, building with wood and many other skills are being lost in history. Again, we are not taught these valuable things and thus suffer from lack of knowing. This creates the co-dependency the system seeks from you. Breaking from this dependency must begin to be broken.
  3. Implement things into day-to-day life one step at a time. Take one thing you have begun to learn, such as growing food, and begin small growing different things around your home. Learning through trial and error and getting better through mistakes and mishaps.

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