Define Freedom



Freedom– (noun) liberty, independent, the state of being free

Free– (adjective) to do as you please, unrestrained 2.not costing any money 3.available (verb) release something from captivity

Above we have defined, (as by Students Dictionary), the words freedom and it’s root word free. From here we can begin breaking down its meaning and how it is related to our mind state which places {us} where we are, physically.

Let’s begin with the word freedom and its meaning within life. Defined as a noun, person place or thing, liberty, independent, the state of being free.

The state of being free. Above we have free defined as able to do as you please, unrestrained. To come and to go, as far as the mind’s eye is able to see.

I can’t help to think, that freedom truly begins in the mind, for it is what then leads the physical body.

Freedom is a place in which one is within, hence the word state of.

So freedom can be broken down to a thought which occurs within the mind, or a series of thoughts which shape views that later project into the physical world that the being then dwells within. Factor in the effects of environment, location and physical surroundings and it can be determined how one’s freedom is defined.

Let’s create a scenerio, that will paint a better picture for this meaning.

Take the caged bird. He is easy to use for an example because, in a natural setting, the bird would not be caged in, he would fly high in the sky. Due to forces outside of the bird itself, it has now been captured from its natural state of being and is in an unknown setting which restricts its movements, action and now way of thinking.

The bird is no longer free but now in captivity. Having been born in the wild, the bird has become aware of his new state of being, his visible limitation, which has been altered thus changing the state of the mind within the bird.

The bird moves about frantic in the cage, unable to use its wings as it had normally always done, hunting for its food and living in accordance the ways of nature. Caged in he now spends his days, searching for a way to release itself and to return to his natural state of being.

By altering its location, environment, and physical surrounding the bird state of being has changed dramatically, shifting its meaning of freedom.

What about the egg which hatches inside the cage. The same example of the bird taken in captivity can be transformed into another way of occurring. A bird hatches from an egg, within the cage and begins to grow over the next months. Within this scenario, there is no mother bird in which to care for the hatchling, thus it is fed artificially, by the hands of a human. This is the first altering trait within the young hatched life. By way of his location, environment, and physical surrounding, his meaning of freedom has changed.

By way of nature, an egg hatches in the nest and the mother bird cares for the young, bringing his food and showing it how to use its given wings to fly. So when that time of maturity comes, the bird does what is innate and flies.

So what happens to the caged hatchling,  who is unable to follow by way of natural order? Does he ever fly? If it is indeed a trait within the bird to fly, does he always have the urge to do so, even with having the restraints placed upon him? Does he then seek freedom, if he has no knowledge of said state? Or does nature place this feeling within him, leaving the bird to yearn for that state of being?

“Freedom goes as far as the mind will take it”




3 thoughts on “Define Freedom

  1. Deep question: if we are born within a cage but don’t come to realize that there is anything outside our cage, do we automatically feel unhappy or can we be content with our limited life? In other words, can we feel free even when we are not?

    1. This is an awesome viewpoint. How can one miss something which they do not even know exists? As the bird born in a cage only knows of this caged surrounding, how then can he search for a new place of being that is not even known to be real? Contemptment would be accepted until an idea of something else seen better comes into view

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