Handmade Deodorant



I have perfected my homemade recipe for all-natural deodorant! It has been a long time coming, having started as just an idea in my mind. And now a physical manifestation of such.

Like with many projects that we want to undertake, the individual often gets caught up in the rare to find “must have” ingredients and tools that are needed to pull the task off. Leaving the goal to be looked over day by day

This was my vague excuse as I put off wanting to complete this creation.

It wasn’t until I tossed those fears aside, did I begin to make things happen.

So instead of being disgruntled about not having an official deodorant container or a fancy multi-blade blender, I thought fast to the next best thing: a glass jar of baby food!

That’s right! It is the right size. Glass. And the label can easily be removed.

“All hard work brings a profit”

Available soon in my new Etsy shop!

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