Magical Tip for Seed Germination

Ok! I am giving away a BIG secret here.

This idea for seed germination is available along with other info on gardening, in my new publishing Spring Gardening: How-To Start. I will be providing the link, soon as it is made available on Amazon!

For now, I want to give you an exclusive insider tip to a new found technique that I have discovered while germinating seeds this year.

As I was working on my book, a little birdie flew in and dropped a jewel for me right in my lap. Well actually I was just scrolling social media and one of my favorite people were sharing their video experience with gardening, and how they had all these seeds, which sprouted in only a few days.

I wondered, wow, how did she do that. Yeah, I know how to take a wet paper towel with seeds then placing it in a sandwich bag,


So I kept listening, intensively as she continued to share.  And finally, she said “… we added hydrogen peroxide to the water and soaked are napkin!”

I was BLOWN away! I mean, sure I have heard of using many natural ingredients such as castile soap mixed with vegetable oil and using it as a spray to battle the pest. But not once had I thought of peroxide. Then again, hydrogen is an important element found in healthy soil and adds in the optimal growth of plants.

Of course, I had to test it out, as pictured below…..


Those suckers sprouted in just 2 days! The baggie is labeled 4/21 and this picture was taken the morning of 4/23!

Go ahead, give it a try!

One thought on “Magical Tip for Seed Germination

  1. Will try! Just brought back some Tamarind tree seeds from India and could only get one to sprout (how many 300 ft tall trees do I need, you ask).

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