Lessons We Learned From The Forest


There is a particular type of magick which can only be found among the trees.

This is what my family and I set out to find in the summer of 2017.

Being more than just a simple weekend camping trip or even an overnight adventure; it became a beginning to the lifestyle in which we hold so dear and true to our hearts.

Living out among Nature. One with the Earth. Sleeping under the stars. Waking to the sounds of praise from the orchestra of birds and other animals of sound with the rising sun.

Back to Nature is where we went. An experiece I just knew my children would have to be exposed to during this lifetime.

We packed our little apartment up, donated all of the big furniture which could not be taken alone with us, checked the map one last time and let the wind be our guide. A risk many talk a good game about. But can they really do it?

Amazing the happens which can unfold if only one is to rely on the Universe to provide and just do. We were led down the darkest road I had ever experienced in all of my days of living, to a spot in which we did not realize until morning, was indeed the middle of the road. Yeah. The entire family had camped in our tent (me and dad slept in the cars just to keep watch through the night), in the middle of the road. Granted it was a dirt road, yet a busy one we later came to find out. We were protected and our first lesson that we were indeed on the right path.

The most memorable experience and challenge we later came to face was the search and wonderment of finding a fresh flowing water source. One in which we could go to on a regular without having to go back and forth to a local store, 20 miles away, for plastic bottle water. To our wonderment, we were led to a waterfall that could have jumped clear out of a page of a fantasy book and landed right at our feet. Absolutely gorgeous in all of its ways.

I know those who are taking time to read these words are asking “Well where is the pictures?” That is a very good and important question to ask, as it is indeed part of the point of me writing this piece right now.

You see when you are out LIVING the dream and not just on a time limit vacationing which you know that it will soon come to an end, one tends to want to capture each and every moment. Yet while we were out living, engaged in activities like building our own fire to gathering the sticks and discovering which ones would burn the longest to searching for berries that may be growing wildly, there seems to not be much time to stop and take out the electronic gadgets.


This led to another valuable lesson. Electronics are damaging our brains, eyesight and our own magnetic waves. As soon as the sun went down, we could not even force ourselves to look at a phone screen. There was no urge to do so. Our bodies could feel the natural rhythms of the Earth which we have become so disconnected from due to artificial lighting and processings. Nights became a time to cuddle, talk and believe it or not, sleep!

This story continues and opens the doorways to even more deeper lessons we learned in which I feel should be left to be explained in a seperate writing.

That I will have to title “This is not the Land of the Free; You are not Free.”

3 thoughts on “Lessons We Learned From The Forest

  1. This is exciting! What an adventure! I, too, drove a long way to go to special park to camp and when I arrived in the middle of the night scrambled to find the perfect spot. Only I was awoken early in the morning to a tour bus trying to get through the road that my camp was blocking! Were those bus-riding site-seers pissed! Lol.

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