Words Are Power


Every word one speaks, holds great Power. Rather it is consciously realized or not. Words have the power to create or to destroy. To build up or to tear down. To empower or to hinder. To make or to break.

For these reasons alone, one must choose thy words wisely. One must always remain mindful of that verbally said which in return will determine the actions that will follow them after.

A great way to begin deprogramming the mind from speaking negatively and the worst is to practice words of greatness and positivity daily. Saying them throughout the day no matter if you are driving or cooking dinner. Remembering to express gratitude in all that you do.

“I have all that I need”                    “All things work for my good”            “I am grateful for the now”               “I am prosperous”                                “Nothing can harm me unless I allow it too”

Open yourself to allow words of power to flow to you and through you.



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