Lemon + Ginger Goodness


My first thought was to begin this by listing all of the natural healing properties of ginger as well as lemon.

As I began, the realization of it being so many benefits overwhelmed me, I dropped that idea and decided to let this simply be an inspiration for the seeker to search out for themselves the countless ways in which lemon and ginger provide the body.

I will however, share my favor method of preparing this healing concoction that can be enjoyed especially during this cold season.

Cutting fresh ginger root (you experiment with how much or how little to use) and fresh lemon into a glass jar. Fill with spring water and bring to a slow boil, which will draw out the healing properties and create a warming tea. No need to boil too long as to not destroy its delicate essence. Sweeten to taste with agave nectar or honey if you prefer and sip slowly. Easy simple and can be repeated on a daily.

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