Transitioning Eating Habits and Shopping


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Getting back to the Basics!!!

Shopping Haul 2

When making the transition from a mostly “meat based diet” to a more fresh and clean, plant based lifestyle,  where to start is often the obstacle that many find themselves facing.

The way our grocery stores are set-up in this society, quick, boxed and processed is readily available and put in our face at every turn we make. Most individuals spend their days away from home so ease and convenience is what is desired.

Have no fear! There is a way to get away from this way of living.

As with anything we begin, getting started is often the challenge. Here are a few key points to give you that push you to step out and begin shopping for the foods which you truly desire to intake

  • Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Anything fresh and in it’s natural state is a GO!!! The produce section is where you should head into the second you step into the grocery store. (Amazingly enough this is the most often empty section) Fruits and vegetables must become your number one friend
  • Read. Read. Read. If you must purchase boxed or packaged foods, read every single label. I am telling you, The moment you start reading those labels it will open your mind to a whole new world and fuel your passion to release the attachment to the processed foods even more. Ingredients that make up “foods” is what really matters. And unfortunately, those same ingredients have been manipulated in so many vicious ways.
  • Simple Simple Simple. Practice shopping for the basics. Keep it simple avoiding all the flavored with this or add-ins of that. The more complicated the more risk of additives, preservatives and chemicals.

Here are a few ideas of items that should stay in your pantry: variety of spices (no salt), fresh herbs, vegetable oils (olive, coconut, rapeseed), variety of beans, rice (brown, black, wild, jasmine) wheat flour, grains, oats, tortillas (watch ingredients), grits, noodles, peanut butter (almond, cashew), nuts and seeds.

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2 thoughts on “Transitioning Eating Habits and Shopping

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