How To Stay Self-Motivated EVERYDAY!


We all WANT it, yet, just can’t quite figure out how to OBTAIN it!

Here are a few ideas to spark your thinking on how-to self-motivate towards achieving your dreams, each and everyday!

  1. Use Images! Find pictures of what type of material, places and even people you wish to have and be around. This will put you in the mindset of what you wish to possess.
  2. Think of it Daily! You have to keep your mind on your dreams and your dreams on your mind. There is no such thing as thinking of it too much.
  3. Talk About it! Speak on your vision every chance you get. This will hold you accountable and keep you from swaying away. I will advise to only do so with those whom support you, as to avoid any interference of negative energy from the haters.
  4. Become Obsessed! People that are successful, became that way because they were about it every second of the day. If you seem like a mad man/woman over what you want to achieve, then you are doing it Right!
  5. Act As if it Is! What is stopping you from acting like your dream has already come true? Rather it is to be an author. A doctor. A business owner. A professional dancer. Whatever. Act as if you already are. Put yourself in that position mentally and the physical will catch-up!


photo credit @ antoine beauvillain

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