Challenge YourSelf

A good challenge is what brings out the greatest parts of ourSelves. It is what makes us and very rarely will break us.

So what if we purposely set the intention to challenge ourSelves on a daily basis?

Rather it be a goal to spend less money for the day. Or to eat at least 3 pieces of fruit and a good serving of leafy green vegetables. Or to do 50 jump-n-jacks each morning. Oh, here is a good one I know many can relate to; not to drink one soda for an entire week!

Yes! All of these are good and even more.

Challenges put us into a space which we purposely do that which we normally would not do on our own, yet when we accomplish them, will give us such an overwhelming feeling of greatness within.

So think of one to begin with and go for it. Don’t try and make it overwhelming. Start simple. Center around just one focus at a time to begin. Choose rather to just do it for the day or carry it out for the week. Go easy on yourSelf. If you forget, do it as soon as you remember. If you slip up, don’t fret, just get back on track. It is all about growth and expansion.

This is a practice which will not only get goals accomplished, yet will build habit and strengthen that part of you in the Mind to get things DONE. This is where it all begins; in the Mind. The most work must be done here in order to bring about change and growth in any aspect of our life.

The feeling of accomplishment and motivation that you will gain upon completion will become euphoric to you. Opening the door for you to want to create another and another.

(Featured Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash)


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