Make Life A Ritual

Brushing your teeth. Combing your hair. Fixing a meal. Reading a favorite book.

All of these activities and more fall under the ritual category.

As defined, a ritual is an arrangement of activities involving gestures, words, and objects performed in a set sequence. Might I add that doing so on a daily basis, may even become habitual habit.

Let’s not get confused nor blinded by making this about “religion” as when one thinks of the word ritual, religion and even magic comes to mind. In this text, we are simply speaking of being mindful in every action you take in life, and deliberately acting in a way which has a set intention to invoke a feeling of joy or thoughts of happiness within.

This is what we need, as a collective in everyday life. More joy. More happiness. More of that feel good endorphin flowing freely through our bodies.

So in every and all that you do, do with your highest mind’s thought. Develop a practice in which you will find pleasure in partaking of such activities, daily, and when doing so will put your mental in a place of bliss. This will open one up to becoming even more consciously aware of yourself and who you are inside.


(Featured Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash)


2 thoughts on “Make Life A Ritual

  1. Thanks for the reminder to stay mindful even when doing mundane tasks. It’s so easy to go blindly doing routine things and forget about the simple joy of living. Thank you!

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