HELLO!? Anyone There!?

Blogging sometimes feels like giving a heartfelt speech, in a large stadium, that is completely… EMPTY!

As a writer and blogger, we sometimes wonder if anyone out there even hears us. Is there anyone reading our words? Is there an audience listening to what we have to say?

Yes, there’s analytics which shows technical stats that people are indeed visiting our blog site, rather in large numbers or just a few every couple of days. Yet this often does not satisfy our curiosity of rather our words are reaching the masses and furthermore, are they actually READING the words.

It feels like no matter how much content you create or how much passion you pour into your work, there is no one even around to receive them. It is like at the end of your speech, all you hear is crickets in the room. If you are lucky.

With the doubts comes the questions that follow. “Is my writing good or interesting enough? How do I reach those who would possibly be interested in what I have to say? How do I get people to like my content and respond?”

My best lesson learned and word of advice to anyone is to create with the intention that EVERYONE is reading what you print. Even if there is no response back, at the moment, one day people will come across your work and “discover” you. They will be awed and inspired and all the uncertainty you once had, will melt away.

This is the reason why you must be prepared. Ready and waiting for that day to come, which will. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being unprepared.


(Cover Photo by Pablo Gentile on Unsplash )

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