Product made, now what??

Ah, the all too familiar feeling of having a great idea, putting in overtime work (and sometimes finance) to get it done, seeing the completed product, then, stepping back with the all too familiar question of “now what?”

As an entrepreneur, this is the number one challenge creators face. The imperative step most stumble over. Even causing one to stall out in frustration, giving the work no momentum forward. Many sit with the finished product for weeks, months or even years without anyone seeing what you have to offer other than family members. So, what do you do?

Well I am no marketing guru or anything like that, but thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I have been able to teach myself a little something about the basics of marketing. (I suggest you do the same.)

There are e-books, e-courses, webinars, Youtube videos, even blogs that go deep into the world of marketing and all that it entails. Providing strategies, techniques, step-by-step actions in which you can begin taking immediately and many resource guides to follow, all from qualifying sources. The best part of all of this is that most of it is for FREE!!

That’s right. Learning the skills and keys that are necessary for you to get your work out to the public, be seen and most importantly, Get Sales, will not cost you to give away your other arm and leg.

Of course, you can hire someone to do all these for you. Yet, what you will learn can and will be beneficial to you over the long run. It would be a wise move to save that money (unless you just have the budget to spend) and teach yourself that which you need to learn and can carry on for a long time, even be valuable to another and teach them.

Don’t get stuck with how to be seen and getting sales. You have done the hard part. Make the rest easy and enjoyable as possible.

(Featured Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash )

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