YouTube Link: You Create Your Reality


  1. Thoughts power what we do on a daily
  2. What we do is determined by the thoughts we have
  3. We have the power to control our thoughts, therefore we can control our lives

Every and all begins in the mind. The thoughts are the beginning and end to every action carried out in our physical lives. Remaining mindful of the thoughts which we create will give us better control of the reality which we make for ourselves. In this way, we can see that we have power to control our lives, more so than we ever thought before.

Granted, every external circumstance which occurs, we do not necessarily have direct physical control over, yet the experiences which our internal, we decide in which way we react or interact to them.

What are you creating? Are you using the power of your mind to specifically create a life which is fulfilling in your own way? Or do you allow passing circumstances to dictate the thoughts which you are having in your mind.

We can take this process a step even further and take mindful actions to only focus our thoughts fully upon the things which we want to create in our physical lives. Knowing that the thoughts you put out come back to you in whatever way, we must begin to use this Universal power to our advantage. For our greatest good and no longer be the victim, but the victor.

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