You Do Nothing, You Get Nothing

The title. Yeah it is plain and simple. Straight to the point.

While we sit around “afraid” to do this or that, prolonging the day ’til we actually get started and do the thing which we don’t want to do, our reward floats right on by, unclaimed.

Exactly what happens.

That nuisance known as fear, will keep you from obtaining what is already rightfully yours. The prize that was set aside for you to come and pick-up.

Yet, we do not see it this way. It is as if we have been predisposition to automatically think that we have failed, before we even get started.

Where did this pathway of thinking come from? How did we come out of the womb so innocent and free, grow and suddenly become so afraid of, well. everything?

The answers to those questions, I do not know. Yet, what I do know is that if you don’t do nothing, you get nothing.

(Featured Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash )

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