Off-Grid in the City

So, we (Energe’ and mySelf) have been back in the city, from our time in the forest now for 10 months.

There has been many, many transitions between this time, all meant for another story, another day. 🙂

Even though physically, we are located inside of the city, we have been just as we would if we were off-grid living, in the far countryside, just as we desire to be.

We are sleeping in our tent, cooking over the fire, collecting fruits from the trees and remaining as discreet as we can from the noisy eyes lingering around.

We are working towards changing this present situation we find ourselves in, living within the city yet for now, we have to do what we have to do.

So the plan is to obtain an old school class C RV or a conversion van that can and will meet all of our family needs. Once we are able to do this, we will be leaving on an adventure we are overly ecstatic about taking!

This is when the real journey will begin!

At this time, we can not say for certain what all will happen once we begin our travels. For now, we are just set on obtaining the vehicle which we need for our safety and security. That which will allow us to be full-time RV life or van life (which ever works out the best!)

photo courtesy of

Universe is abundant, and we are certain that it WILL provide!! There are many, many resources available in this world which we live in. So much can happen and we are open to receive whatever comes this way.

Anyone willing to donate rather it be resources, ideas, leads on the next steps to take or currency exchange donations, please reach out to US or

Visit US online @ Powered With Nature and support the movement!

Peace and LOVE to you ALL!


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