Gather Around The Campfire

What an experience we have been able to have.

So in the post before this, I have shared that me and my other half, Energe‘, are currently off-grid in the city, for the time being.

This set-up is for the time being. Soon we are to be reunited with our 2 young daughters and heading to a NEW destination.

So. As a result of spending this time in our tent, we are having the FULL experience.

This includes cooking our meals by the campfire. Oh yeah. You read that right!!


Most people are only used to roasting marshmallows by the fire, for an overnight camping trip. Not cooking full, course meals. And to add to that, plant-based vegan meals! No meats. No dairy. All natural ingredients straight from mother nature.

We have made countless meals, using our trusty cast iron skillet, my other half mostly manages the fire as he is very good at it. And I mostly do the food prep. We fill in with each other as it is needed.


This seems a lot more easier than what you would initially think. Cooking meals, from scratch, keeping a fire raging and hot enough as well as prepping everything that is needed. This process makes you much more appreciative of the meals that you eat on a daily.

Give it a try on your own. No, I do not condone cooking any meats of any kind. Yet, challenge yourself to put together a meal, cook it over the open fire and let the whole family join in on it.

Also, check out our Youtube video where we documented the whole process! 🙂

Also, visit Powered With Nature were we have high vibration music + valuable books and more!

We are also excepting advice, ideas, leads or donations for our RV and/or converted van. You can connect with us @ or directly at   🙂    It would be greatly appreciated!

(cover photo: potatoes, Daiya cheddar vegan cheese, green onions and seasoning)


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