Sleeping Under the Stars and Moon

Oh, how AMAZING it is to sleep outside, among the fresh trees, under the bright stars and a glowing Moon.

The experience is one in which can barely be put into words. The feeling is hard to capture through this writing, yet I will try my hardest to do so.

We have been sharing in our previous posts, about our time with off-grid living and how we have been making out in the city. It has been a mental challenge, mostly, as the urge to want to disconnect from this grid and gravitate out into the countryside, away from so many people, places and things, becomes more and more stronger, each and every day.

One with Nature Off-Grid Living

Last night was a Full Moon or what they have dubbed as “The Harvest Moon.” Me and the love took a walk to the oceanside to watch the moon rise, as it does for each Full Moon cycle. The sight is breathtaking, as the Moon slowly peaks above the horizon with a reddish, orange glow. You can see it rise higher and higher into the sky.

Afterward, we strolled back to our tent site, enjoying the full sky of stars above, with the Moon following us, as our daughter likes to say 🙂

The morning, I rose a little earlier, as I am attempting to rise early each new day for spiritual work and connecting with Source. Soon as I opened my eyes, Mama Moon was shining right above me, her light reaching into our tent through a small slit in the tent. Day had not yet broken and her Light was still shining ever so brightly.

I was reminded how beautiful it is to sleep each night, under the stars with the Moon right above me. Spending so many years, sleeping inside of a house really creates a disconnect with the night sky. In a house, you are breathing in the air that circulates from the ac unit or the heater, around the house, in and out. Outside, you receive fresh clean air throughout the night, making for better sleep and cleansing of the lungs.

Even experiencing this for a couple days, regularly is better than not experiencing at all.

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