Forging For Fruits

In this episode of off-grid in the city, the Love and I have been having quite an adventure, forging for fruits off of the many trees that are all around.

It may seem like something new, yet this experience is not necessarily new.

Back in my home state, apples, pears, and muscadine grapes are native to the area. These are the only fruit trees that I have been used to seeing. As a child, we use to always pick these fruits and eat them plentiful. Growing into adulthood, I as many others, have disconnected from this innocent way of living. We have forgotten that our foods grow abundantly around us. That the Earth provides all we need.

Have not found the name for these berries, yet they are delicious!

In this tropical environment, I have been introduced to fresh coconuts, avocados, mangoes, papayas, oranges, bananas and various berries that I have never seen before. Oh, you can only imagine my excitement of eating these fruits, fresh, for the first time ever.



It is amazing to see a fruit tree and admire all of its beautiful fruits that Nature has provided for us to consume. It is an eye-opener to say the least, that when standing in awe, we are able to see that Nature has already done the work for us. Nature has provided all that we could ever need. All we have to do is recognize and partake of its bounty.

Bananas straight from nature

Fruits are not the only goodies that can be found on the Land. I have been taken more of an eye to identifying those herbs which are native to the area, as well. In my home state, I was really big on the dandelion. It grew abundantly, everywhere and was the first herb I began working with. Eating the greens and drinking the root tea. Now, I am hoping to find herbs that are around here which I can begin to get to know them better as well.

One tree which we have taken to is the pine tree. Using the pines in our water has become an everyday thing for us. Just taking the pine branch and sticking it straight into the water itself and drinking it straight. This is also a way to naturally put back the minerals that have been taken out of the water through industrial water plants. Leaves from the orange tree and any lime, lemon, ginger, and cinnamon that we get our hands on, we put into our water.

Take some time and get to know what grows naturally on your native Land. You will be surprised at what you find, as the Earth plane is abundant.

Wild dandelions + green onions straight from the backyard

Check out the previous post on Campfire Cooking, where we are taking the food we find and making amazing meals, right over the fire, outside.

Our website, Powered With Nature, we will be diving deeper into off-grid living and our travels as we relocate to a new, exciting destination. For now, check out the high vibration music and books that we have created for the people.

If you have any ideas, resources, or even donations towards our RV or conversion van that we are on the hunt to obtain, email us @ or send directly to

Thanks for your support!:)


13 thoughts on “Forging For Fruits

  1. I love the way you tell the story of different tastes and shapes nature is gifting us with! It’s awesome you can taste them all fresh. In my country, I have them all imported, especially avocados, my favourite babes haha

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