The Dr. Sebi Controversy

We, at Powered With Nature, have some VERY strong opinions when it comes to Dr. Sebi and the practices that he teach.

In conversation and through observation, we have come to the conclusion that a lot of what Dr. Sebi promotes, actually cause much debate, conflict and confusion.

One thought being that we are not to consume things like grains, beans and many varieties of fruits and vegetables including parsley, garlic and potatoes. As we explain in the following video, this can be quite discouraging for MANY individuals who are looking to eat and live a more natural lifestyle, who want to change from consuming foods such as dairy, eggs and meat and who desire to include more fresh foods in their diet.

If there are so many limitations placed on foods, that are found abundantly and locally as well as food that grow quickly and easily like potatoes and rice, it sends many who are just coming into a new way of living going round and round, questioning everything. Eventually they will give up on it all and go back to the bad foods and to what is convenient for them.

We shared this video on our Powered With Nature YouTube channel which we are building with more content centered around natural plant-based living, building off grid and just straight talk about connecting more with nature.


If you support our movement and what we are trying to build, visit us @ Powered With Nature and send a donation. All will go towards our conversion van and a piece of land to begin building on.

Photo by Asso Myron on Unsplash


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