What is a Plant Based Lifestyle?

With so many words floating around like vegan, vegetarian, keto, fruitarian even breatharian, many have to go into Google, just to find out what they all mean.

I wont go into detail on the various factors that define each and ever type of diet. What I will go into is that many find them all confusing. And more so, they find a list of rules, restrictions and regulations that go into each one. On a side note, to me, the most extreme and down right crazy one of them all, is breatharian! Ok, I will define this one. It is a way of living which includes only in-taking natural air with very small, trace amounts of pure water. I quote, “a person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can obtain all sustenance from the air or sunlight.”

Crazy huh?! If it worked for you, hey. For the majority of us, this sounds insane. Like I said, with so much floating around in the digital world these days, it is like something new appears each day. Keeping the people running around, trying to keep up with it all. I would advice that one seeks to first listen to themselves and to intuition, and go with your Soul Self tells you.

Let me get back to the topic at hand. What is a plant based lifestyle?

A way of living which includes eating foods and using natural products that derive from plants. This means any plant, herb, fruit, vegetable, grain, nut, seed and even various trees that grow naturally out of Mother Earth, is used and consumed. Plain and simple.

There are no restrictions nor are their any limitations. All is kept simple, natural and close to the Earth as possible, without any harmful man-made chemicals. Most importantly, living a plant based lifestyle, is about having compassion and empathy for the living sentient beings. For all animals, big and small. What we see happening now is that almost everything we are using and consuming comes from an animal and to obtain their parts, harming, killing, torturing, raping and imprisoning animals is necessary.

Living a plant based life, puts a stop to this and gets one living one with the planet and not against it. It certainly is a way of life that many should strive to get close to as possible. For the entire planet, as a whole.

For more about a plant based way of living and how to naturally live visit Powered With Nature. Were we share our own way of living and keeping it simple.


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