Preparing To Go Off-Grid

Back at it with a few tips that anyone can use if they are looking to gather supplies to take their journey off-grid living, where ever that may be.

You may be wondering where it is that you should begin. What is it that you should start looking for? What items should you begin researching. Well, first, remember to keep it all simple.

A tent. Solar flashlights, solar panels and generator. Cast iron skillets, matches, blankets, storage container and other small simple appliances. The point with going off-grid is to DISCONNECT. So the things that you need are to simply sustain you as you are no longer connected to electricity and running water. Make a list of items that you would use in place of your usual  big appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer) and how you will replace them with simpler items that are easy to carry and use.

And remember, Amazon is your friend! This would be the easiest place to find all that you need to start of with. As well as any local outdoors store.

So we did a YouTube video, that is posted below, simply talking and sharing a few links, located under the video off items that we find can be useful.

As always, visit us online, Powered With Nature, where we share more of our journey and creations.



Cover Credit: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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