Create A Business To Travel The World

What an AMAZING time we now live in!

Where one can create a virtual business that works, all it self.

Meaning, a digital business that does not require your constant daily attention and physical energy being put into it for you to become successful. Once you do the groundwork, (yes you will have to do the initial work, yet you do the work and Universe will meet you the rest of the way) finishing the projects and setting up systems that will do the work for you (SEO, ads, links); you are able to make money off of your work, over and over again.

When we hear the word “business” we think of the same old system that we are use to and have been for decades. Putting in 22 hours of work each and everyday, finding a building, seeking a business loan, finding an investor,  so on and so forth. If this is the type of business that you are looking for by all means, go for it.

Yet, if you are looking to become a digital nomad, and create a type of business that does not require your physical presence, that brings in multiple streams of income, even while you are sleeping. That gives you the flexibility to move about freely without having to report to a boss, a company or a big corporation. Creating a digital business is the way to do it.

There are many resources that you can begin to look into that give you ideas on ways to get you started and ideas to work with. My Creating Business For Self book list a few ideas on ways to invest in yourself and get to work digitally. Depending on what you are good at and what you are willing to put work into, will show you what type of digital work you should begin doing.

Ideas can include: Books, Music, Online shops, Web Design, Investing and Affiliate Marketing.

And here is a secret. Amazon is a huge part of it all. Which I speak about in my Amazon Take Over book. They have opened the way for many individuals to create for themselves.

Research digital nomad and it will open a whole new world of combining creating money for yourself and traveling to places that you only dream about. It is time to make your dreams come true. To bring our vision boards alive.


Photo by Hanne Neijland on Unsplash


Cover Credit: Photo by Deanna DeShea on Unsplash


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