What Comes With Freedom?

Greetings to all!

A thought on “freedom” and what truly comes with it came to mind today.

I feel this present day, many have such a mixed misconception on what having freedom is and what being free consist of.

Honestly, I feel that this is due in part on the historic “stories” that have been told to the masses, that at one time or another, people were held in chains and bondage and suffered captivity, in what ever form. Aside from who these people were or what race they may have been, this image has been placed inside of our heads, from our days of youth, and that is what we hold onto in the subconscious mind, as being “not free.”

So, since we no longer live this way today, we think that we are totally free. I’m sure this was done by design so that the majority will not question the restrictions and restraints that are set. They will simply look over it and say “oh, well, at least we are free now.”


I present a challenge here. To think on your own personal obligations. To having to report to work at a specific time on any given day. Obligations to school, paying bills and back debt, following the rules of the road, paying taxes and obeying the made laws.

The list really goes on and on.

Now I ask, how much freedom do you really have?

Can you get up, right now in this moment, hop on a plane, or travel by car, and go to a beach and lay around all day doing nothing until you don’t feel like it anymore? And then go eat anywhere you want regardless of how much it will cost you? Can you even walk out of your house right now, naked, and scream, yell jump up and down, run around and just completely lose it anyway that you want to?

Sounds silly. But it is the truth.

Where is the REAL freedom.

Freedom would have to be defined by each individual as many of us view it in different ways. To one it may look one way than it does to another. Depending upon the mental programming and what we view as normal and just plan silly.

But that is the point. Freedom is so limited because the mind has placed limits upon it. How amazing it would be to live in a world, where we were actually really FREE. To go where we want, when we want, how we want. Without the thought of money or time or the how of it all.

I may just be rambling. But if you could see it a little bit more deeply, then maybe you will begin to question you own freedom.

Or at least….. what comes with it.


Join me on Powered With Nature. A place where we share our own quest for freedom. How we have thrown away the society norm and created a world, that WE want to live in, freely.

( Cover Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash )


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