E-Commerce Takes Over

Have you taken notice to all of the big named box stores that are now closing down in your city and surrounding?

What is even more fascinating about this is that the physical store locations are closing, yet the online stores, are remaining open. For example, many Toys R Us locations have been closing down this past year, yet you can still order from them online.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Well, of course, I have mine!!

It is a digital world and e-commerce is taking over. Yes, read that again. E-commerce is taking over!

Do you see how ANYTHING that you can think of, can be ordered online. Any item at all. You may not be able to think of what store to drive to and get it from, but you sure can think of typing it into a Google search and having it pop up right in front of you.


I think that this is the time to hop on board the train and get ready for the digital ride. One that takes you to a place where you can be on the receiving side which meets the demand of others and in return you are able to provide what it is that they are looking for. This is, after all, the purpose and success of a business. Having what others want.

One of my earlier books, Amazon Take Over, I highlighted some ways that the individual can get involved in business with the corporate giant, Amazon. Not even 1 year having published this e-book, it is now time to update it and to create a part 2 with even more ways to get involved and create a business for yourself. That is just how rapid the digital world is growing.

Time is moving swiftly and one must be able to move right alone with it. More importantly, be able to get on the right side of things and have it all pay off in your favor.

Don’t get left behind.

To learn more about how to get involved with the digital movement and to create a e-commerce store of your own, check out my collection of creating your own business books and make sure you subscribe to this blog.

Don’t forget to hop on over to Powered With Nature , my own digital world


( Cover Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash )


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