Who Wants A White Picket Fence Anymore?!

Millennials are ditching the way they view traditional home life and discovering something NEW and exciting!

Owning a home has never been like this before. No longer is the 3 bedroom, 2 bath with the white picket fence the “american dream.” Many are coming into the digital age which affords them the luxury to no longer sign 30 year mortgage contracts which bound them to the same job day in and day out, having to only live in one place for 50 years. They are seeing that living virtually anywhere on the globe is possible. And not only that. Learning of the many types of dwellings that can even be built, where no one has built before, is very possible.

From a treehouse, to an earthbag home, cabins, tiny homes, to converted shipping containers and even remote RV living, lifestyles and homes have evolved from the golden days of living in neighborhoods like “Valley Hill!” Interest in living in the tropics, the desert and off in the mountains has grown tremendously in these past years and will continue to do so. With this, the desire to have a different type of home has evolved as well.

So let’s look at the various types of dwellings that one can either build for themselves or easily purchase at low cost.

Tree House


Talk about some PURE breath of fresh air! This is one of my personal favorites, due to my love for trees. We both love the idea of a tree house. The thought of finding a large enough tree (to support the house) and building around the trees that are already there. Number one goal would be to NOT destroy any of the living trees that are around. Creating a treehouse should be done with care of the natural environment kept in mind. Preserving it’s beauty and living in harmony with the natural elements.

Earth Bag House

Morning Chores

Learning about an earth bag house was something new to me. My other half introduced this concept to me when we first connected. In short, you are taking the dirt around the area in which you wish to build the home on. There are specific bags used, such as burlap or rice bags, that are safe yet not dangerous to the environment and the Earth. This idea is such a big one and rarely talked about. Not to many know about this method of building. If you think about it, what resource is more plentiful and easily available than the dirt underneath your feet! Learning more about this building structure, would be not only interesting but also beneficial.

Shipping Container


You know those giant shipping containers that are carried mostly by trains? The majority of those are simply abandoned and dump off once they are of no more use to the manufacturer. So what does a shipping container have to do with a living dwelling, you ask? It is AMAZING the innovation that creators and builders have. With the use of imagination, design and creativity, many are able to use what is available and transform it into something whimsical. A good way to have some examples of shipping container homes is to visit Youtube. So many individuals are creating and do marvelous things to these shipping containers that this little introduction can not capture it all.

Tiny Home


This is one of the more popular ideas of uncommon home types. We have been seeing recent articles spotlighting how organizations are beginning to build more tiny homes in there neighborhood. Easy, economical and can virtually fit anywhere. More economical in that electricity, use of water and other resources are cut virtually in half. Having a tiny home aligns with a more minimalistic lifestyle. With a smaller home, comes less furniture, unnecessary shoes and clothes and even hoarding junk that you no longer even use. There are many tiny home designs, even tiny home neighborhoods popping up around various cities. This modern home will become more popular in the coming years.



Having a cabin home is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of living off grid or off in the deep woods. Cabins are more of the most popular type of homes and come in all types. You can choose to have a cabin overlooking a mountain or off in the forest. Whichever you choose, you really can not go wrong. With a cozy fireplace and all of the electronics turned off, nights inside make for a wonderful time to connect with nature all around.

Earth Dome


Similar to the earth bag house, earth dome homes put me in the mind of the natives and how they build their homes. Many earth homes are in the shape of a dome. As the structure is made out of molded clay and mud that is from the earth, this is virtually the most natural, environmental friendly home that one can build for themselves. What is so special about this home, is that because of the way that it is built, allows for the native plants to continue to grow all around. How beautiful it is to have grass and other plants grow on top of your home!

RV and Converted Van 

maxresdefault. youtube
maxresdefault of YouTube.com

RV and van life has exploded these past few years. People of all ages are ditching their overpriced rent and long-term mortgages for more flexibility, freedom and money in their pockets. An RV has all of the amenities that a regular home has. From a shower, to the stove to even a toilet, living in a RV can be quite comfortable as well as convenient. What is even more excited about this type of home, is that it is moveable. You can take your home wherever you want. From coast to coast, you have the freedom to travel where the wind takes you.


For more on conventional living, be sure to check out Powered With Nature


5 thoughts on “Who Wants A White Picket Fence Anymore?!

  1. I absolutely love these ideas! I have tossed around renovating an RV many times, but the tree house is a fabulous idea too! Thank you for sharing❤

  2. These are great ideas. Some of them, I’ve never heard of. Would you happen to know the price range for these dwellings? For example, I know an RV can cost as much as a home, depending on what kind.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them. For let’s say the treehouse, or a sandbag house or a mound home, you would be basically paying for the material and any labor to build. These types of homes are ones you would build yourself, as I have not found any place, in America that has these types of homes. The tiny homes are becoming more popular and are more easily accessible. Lots of companies are now building and selling more tiny homes and creating communities of them. The shipment container homes, people are getting creative and transforming them themselves.

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