The Lavish Life of a Minimalistic

If you have been on YouTube, maybe you have seen the videos of the different people, around the globe, ditching their homes to live in a van or off in the mountains in a small cabin. Or the one who has giving away all of their prized possessions to live on $50 week.

A new age is upon us and so many are getting with the new and out with the old.

Ditching corporate America, tearing up their 30+ year mortgage contracts, giving up their Lexus and no longer buying Gucci, Louis or Fendi. Millennials are fed up! With running round and round on the wheel of the rat race. They want FREEDOM!

Millennials want to come and go as they please, get rid of attachments which feel more like a ball and chain and run away naked and free in a field of wild sunflowers!

The life of a minimalist seems to be more freeing than that of keeping up with the standards of corporate America.


Let’s not get it confused. Less is more. With having less possessions and focus off of  gathering up more and more material, you are able to gain more out of life. The natural parts of living that is ignored by capitalistic society, you are able to have more physical experiences. With less, individuals are able to see more. To do more. To have those good times that a one week vacation taken yearly does not afford them the luxury of having. Of actually slowing down during the day and lounging about. Listening to the sounds of the birds chirping or the sound of the river flowing behind them.

Could you imagine a full day of no worries? No obligations? No appointments? No dings going off on the phone, controlling the flow of your attention? Making you do this or calling you to do that? This is the life many of us have lost sight of. No longer do we see this as normal. Only running around gathering possessions that are only good for a short amount of time and then they have to be upgraded and replaced. This is what has been programmed into the masses minds as being “normal.”

Ditch the program. Take back your own control. Strive for less, to have more.

Stop by Powered With Nature to get a glimpse into a minimalistic lifestyle, off-grid.

( Cover Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash )


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