The Power of Solar Energy

Bee Free Now is BACK with some power hitting resources, literally!

Speaking of power, it certainly is something that we use and need every day. Today, I want to introduce (or re-introduce for some) the concept of solar energy and how one could use this power source, ESPECIALLY if they are living off-grid or even in an RV.

So what is solar power?

In short, it’s harnessing the energy from the sun through the use of solar panels, a converter then stores this light energy into batteries and through a generator, one is able to use it as electricity to power laptops, phones, small refrigerators, stove tops and other electronics.


I absolutely love the concept of solar power. I mean, all of the corporate buildings in the capital have solar panels on top of them. Here in Florida, many other buildings have giant panels on top of them. And for rightful reasons. With the amount of solar energy that this particular state receives, it only seems logical that solar energy be gathered and used.

Not to mention that it is FREE to gather the natural resource that is provided to us.

This does spell disaster for electric companies as they make it seem “they” are the only source of electricity. We wont get too deep into that thought, right now. We will just stick to why solar energy is a valuable resource for an off-grider.

converter (copy)

Recently we invested in, at an amazing price, an entire solar generator to include 2 100 watt panels and a converter with currently 2 batteries. For us, it was necessary as we have big plans on why and how we will be using this system.


I highly recommend anyone who is considering or already living in an RV, van, cabin or any other dwelling that is off-grid to invest in what ever type you feel is best suitable for your situation.

Things to consider when purchasing one for yourself.

  1. Become knowledgeable about solar energy, how to utilize it and identifying your needs for it
  2. Consider everything that you will be using to power, with your solar system. Take a survey of how many laptops, phones, small appliances, etc. that you will be using
  3. You will need to know what you are going to be powering as this plays a part in the amount of wattages that you are going to be using, as well as how much wattages is needed to power each gadget. (For example our Ninja blender is 1500 watts. That’s a lot of power.)
  4. Purchase a converter that can hold the power you need (based on watts and voltages) as well as has all the outlets you will be need (including USB). Some adjustments may be needed

Here, I have included a few examples of both solar panels and generators:

This is just a starting point. As always Powered With Nature highlights solar energy and how you can incorporate the use in your daily life. Becoming self-sustainable is the key.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Solar Energy

  1. This is very Great and Very Very Informative!!! People need this type of info. U explain this Perfectly!!! Great great great!!!

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