Living In The Tropics

Sun. Beaches. Coconut Tree. Cool Breezes.

A dream life that so many wish to have, yet never get to see. What is the point of just dreaming when this can be a reality!

I am seeing personally, so many people are leaving the country and moving to tropical places, such as Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Most of these individuals are doing so for the right reasons and for that, I commend them.


Living in the tropics is absolutely the greatest place on Earth to be. Central America is not the only tropical place to be as Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, Bali and Philippians are all beautyfull, tropical places with palm trees and white sand beaches, as well. And that is just to name a few.

The number one question that comes to mind for the unbeliever would be “how would I make a living while living in another country?”


First, I would say that we are already living, so why are we so focused on “making a living?” The concept of simply living is one that we share on Powered With Nature. Living life has been diluted with expectations of chasing material gains and climbing a ladder in corporate America. No one stops to think that hey, I am already ALIVE, so why not just LIVE.

Second, if you have been tuned into the Bee Free Now blog, you are aware of the content which is shared and the center thought being FREEDOM. I have already shared and have written books to include Money Making Apps and On The Come Up which teaches others ways to make money living anywhere on the planet, right from their handheld devices. And share great content and ideas on how to become the new age digital nomad.

So what is the excuse for not following that dream of laying on a tropical beach sipping coconut water thru a straw during the day and sleeping under the stars at night?

There is none! Only fear that holds one back. Fear of the unknown and fear of doing something new. Fear that others will judge you and fear of being uncomfortable.

Get over yourself and your fears and do something NEW!

( Cover Photo by Xain Nasih on Unsplash )

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