Who’s Down For An Adventure!?

When was the last time you went out on an adventure?

When was the last time you got lost?

How about, when was the last time you did something that was totally out of the blue and random?


I pose these questions to make you really think about the last time you have done something that was off-the-wall, spontaneous and even at the spur of the moment. Something that was fun and memorable.

Society has become so robotic with it’s many to-do list, mundane 9-to-5, Monday thru Friday work schedule and pre-planned holiday celebrations. What’s even more scary, is that the vacation days are even mapped out, months in advance. Knowing ahead of time that you will have time off for the holidays and maybe a week or two, during spring and summer break (if you are lucky.)

Seems that each day is already planned out for us before we even get to it. Where is the spontaneity and zest for life? When is it ever time for fun and childlike antics?

This is a reason why so many people are depressed, unfulfilled, down in the dumps and plain worn out. To take it a step forward, we are so connected to social media, watching others who seem like they are out on vacation daily while the rest of the people sit behind a desk and push papers. Constantly looking outside of the box instead of jumping out of the box leaves the majority of people envious and angry..

A mentor who I enjoy very much posed the challenge to get into the car that you spend all of your time and money paying for, drive somewhere random and just spend the day doing whatever, without planning it out first and without using google maps or GPS for directions. Try to make it something in a more natural setting. Outside, among the trees, breathing in fresh air and getting sunlight.


You want to really spice it up, do it on a workday when you are “supposed” to be working; call-out and go on a days adventure exploring uncharted territory. When you get to a place that calls out to your heart, get out the car and walk around. Explore. Take a trail without knowing where it will lead too. Smell the flowers and feel the dirt. Get caught out in the rain. Let darkness fall.

Get out and have an adventure!

I share much information about our off-grid journeys and adventures over at Powered With Nature.

Powered With Nature


( Cover Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash )

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